Training for better

work-life harmony

How to get stuff done without compromising your mental and physical health.

End #hustleculture. What if we all started caring about ourselves as much as we do about our work?

At Turipamwe, we’ve been learning how to do more in less time without risking our health.
We’re ready to share what we’ve learnt and we invite our partner Ann & Ann Coaching (FIN) to share even more.


The culture around work, the hustle culture, almost requires us to sacrifice our health. Many of us, entrepreneurs and employees alike, struggle with needing to do more with less - less time, less energy. It's common that people skip sleep and meals, and neglect our loved ones - all for the sake of that impact. Even if we know it's not sustainable, making the shift is tricky.


An online, 3-part training series where you can learn practical methods to enhance your well-being. You find new vantage points for defining what is essential to achieve a better work-life harmony.

We cover best practices in time management and productivity as well as
learn healthy habits related to sleep, nutrition and exercise.



  • 27 August

  • 3 September

  • 10 September 2022

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

All sessions are held via Zoom.
Link shared with ticket holders only.

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Speakers & Facilitators

Anna Seppänen

Founding member of Ann&Ann Coaching Chairman of the board / Coach

Anna is a calm, firm, and warm coach and speaker. She is talented in helping people become more aware of their well-being with her down-to-earth perspective on life.


  • Master of Arts, University of Oulu, 2005

  • Trainer4You: Personal Trainer, 2014

  • Trainer4You: Nutritional Coach, 2016

  • True Hearts: NLP, True Hearts, 2016

  • Optimal Performance Center: Optimal Muscle and Fat Loss Seminar, 2016

  • Optimal Performance Center: Optimal Strength, Speed and Power Seminar, 2016

Annette Evokari

Founding member of Ann&Ann Coaching Managing director / Coach

Annette’s exploding energy transmits to anyone she meets. Her ability to encounter people with sincere care is unmatched and comes across in her coaching.


  • Occupational Therapist, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, 2022

  • EuropeActive authorised Personal Trainer, 2014

  • Makia Mental Psychological weight management coach 2.0, 2016

  • Trainer4You Nutritional Coach, 2016

  • Trainer4You Nutritional Coach, 2017

Auri Evokari

Doctoral Researcher / Consultant / Coach / Founder of Omeho Project

… and yes, she wears a few hats. Auri is a Doer and Thinker who’s deeply motivated by impact. She gets excited about pretty much anything that has to do with entrepreneurship as a means of alleviating youth unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa. This means she had to learn the hard way that she can’t do it all without sacrificing her health. Since 2019, Auri’s been on a journey to reach a better work-life harmony and she’s been coaching others to do the same.

Tanya Stroh

Founder of Turipamwe / Facilitator
Multidisciplinary Badass

Tanya is passionate about the impact of design in Namibia and its contribution to the African continent. Over the past decade, she’s built Turipamwe, starting as a freelancer with 1 laptop. She used to wear a badge of honour, designer by day, designer by night. As the multi-passionate design founder, Tanya’s had to learn to get clear on roles and priorities, which apparently doesn’t have a plural form. Since 2020, she asked herself, “Who am I beyond my professional goals and how can I design not only a career but also a life.” She’ll share her take on practical realities and why caffeine isn’t a sustainable food group.

Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa

Communication Designer / Image Maker
Reboot Project Manager

Jean-Claude is a New Media Design graduate from the College of the Arts, Namibia. He’s an avid reader and has a passion for symbolism, human behaviour, and Psychology. He hosted an Instagram live show “Candid with JC”, where he interviewed creatives in Namibia on dealing with mental health.

As an image maker, he explores a surreal style of portraiture through photo manipulation to tell a story of dreams and the spiritual realm from his perspective. He specializes in conceptual, boudoir, fashion and architectural photography and is currently exploring male body positivity through photography.

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