Design Thinking

Maximise your potential

Design thinking is a methodology for innovating routinely. 

We support teams and organizations who seek to solve their unique challenges by
realising their innovation and maximising their business potential.



Design Café

New to Design Thinking? Hear all about it! This informative talk is a 1.5-hour session on how Design Thinking can be applied in a corporate setting. It covers the basics of the creative methodology that increases creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills in a team. The Design Café comprises a dynamic talk followed by a hands-on experiment that exposes the audience to the power of Design Thinking. Handouts are included, and a Q&A wraps up this activity. We recommend a venue allowing for classroom-style seating.

2. DO

Design Sprint

Ready to do design? Let's Sprint! This Design Sprint is a 2-4-day experience of interactive workshops modelled based on the Double Diamond method. The participants are matched into diverse small teams (4-5 participants), and all the teams work on the designated challenge relevant to their business. First, the participants seek to understand and develop a problem statement. The process then proceeds to ideating and conceptualising a solution as well as validating it with end-users or other stakeholders. Participants learn about user understanding, customer grouping, brainstorming, quick prototyping, and what an iterative design process looks like in practice. The experience wraps up with a brief training on public speaking as team members pitch their final solutions. This workshop works well with enhancing communication and teamwork skills. 


Design Thinking Basics

Keen to learn how to use Design Thinking at work? Let's learn by doing! This unique training opportunity builds on the practical understanding of the design thinking methodology, its tools, and best practices with theoretical knowledge. The training covers the fundamentals of design thinking and shines a light on where and how to use the various methods. The duration of the training is over four days, starting with problem identification, understanding the user, and ideating a solution by using multiple methods for problem analysis, ideation, validation, prototyping, and testing. Similarly to phase 2 DO, the participants are divided into small groups with a versatile skill set, and the challenge can be developed with the customer.


Innovation Consultancy

Rome wasn’t built in a day - and it is not feasible to expect that newly adopted skills are immediately put into practice independently after just a couple of training days. The month Innovation Consultancy aims to provide support to the trained facilitators in applying the methodologies to every-day situations. Its objective is to further equip team members with the needed understanding, knowledge and skills to foster a culture of innovation in their teams over regular Design Thinking sessions.

Let's design the future!


Co-creation sessions are facilitated by our team of professional and qualified experts.
The outcome is a conclusive one-page strategy ready for immediate implementation, all based on your workshop insights and current business resources. 

Facilitation and training

Our team steps in for organization that require facilitators to lead a specific design sprint and workshop or is looking for training in design thinking. We are open to transferring knowledge for the benefit of Namibia.