Franco Namibian Cultural Centre

New Corporate Identity | Wayfinding Signage

A Physical and Cultural Landmark

Nestled in the city centre of Windhoek, the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) stands as a physical and cultural landmark, weaving together cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Namibia and France. Established in 1991 under the endorsement of then-presidents Sam Nujoma and Jacques Chirac, the FNCC has evolved into a pivotal player in Namibia's cultural scene.

Former Presidents Sam Nujoma and Jacques Chirac at the foundation stone of the new building on June 25, 1998

At its core, the FNCC seeks to intensify cultural cooperation connecting Namibian and French cultural identities. Embracing a bilateral approach, the centre endeavours to promote and support Namibian artists and cultural projects by offering a wealth of know-how, resources, and infrastructure. The FNCC extends an open invitation to cultural enthusiasts of all ages, providing a diverse range of experiences. Language enthusiasts can delve into the world of French through language classes, while the culturally curious can partake in a myriad of events. From lectures, film screenings, theatre concerts, and exhibitions, the FNCC curates a rich cultural journey for the community.

Beyond its cultural offerings, the FNCC's architectural presence is a testament to its significance in Windhoek. The building seamlessly combines modern glass architecture with a heritage structure dating back to 1908. This iconic facade not only adds to the cityscape but also symbolises the fusion of tradition and modernity. Its surrounding landscape is adorned with indigenous, drought-tolerant plants and oversized statuesque artworks by renowned Namibian artists, including works by Hercules Viljoen and Alfeus Mvula. Stepping inside the FNCC, visitors discover a multifaceted space boasting seven classrooms, a training room, a spacious multipurpose gallery, a cinema theatre, a restaurant, and a conference hall. This blend of educational and entertainment spaces creates a dynamic hub where cultural exchange flourishes.

Photos from Jaco Wasserfall Architect Inc

Design Challenge & Opportunity

Where culture meets

Looking to the future, the FNCC commissioned Turipamwe to design a new corporate identity following the centre’s 25th anniversary. The client required a timeless, modern, and versatile solution which their internal team could implement with ease and confidence. 

Original logo

Updated logo

Horizontal logo

Vertical logo

Open logo

Brand elements

Inspired by the integral role of the building in the construction of culture both in physical and intangible forms, Turipamwe drew inspiration from geometric shapes specific to the building in constructing letterforms to create the new logo and brand elements.
The logo’s geometric construction allowed for both vertical and horizontal applications while maintaining its recognition. 

The former traditional colour pallet of dark blue and red was reexamined to one more forward-looking considering the varying centre activities and their digital applications.

Actualising a strong brand is creating one that is easily recognisable across the physical and digital spectrum. Working with copywriter Cara Spall, we conceptualised interior and exterior way-finding signage and promotion signage using French quips to demonstrate the value and benefits of the French language as a way to promote the centre.

Mock ups

Actual use of the new brand

Old Signage

Creative Fulfilment Team

Creative direction and logo design: Tanya Stroh

Corporate Identity Design: Tanya Stroh and Laschandre Coetzee

Way-finding signage: Elrico Gawanab

Site Photography: Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa 

Portfolio design: Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa
Copywriting: Cara Spall
Client: Franco Namibian Cultural Centre