Client and Context

Brand Identity | Visual Communication Material | Exhibition Design

The Omeho Project amplifies the African voice on innovation and entrepreneurship and aims to
diversify the imagery of Africa seen in the West and demystify digital entrepreneurship in the South.

“The Omeho Project celebrates local startup founders and disruptive thinkers through captivating
photographs and compelling stories that raise awareness of the critical impact startups are making
on societies and economies. The way Africa is currently portrayed in Western countries contributes to
a lack of understanding about urban, contemporary, and middle-class Africa.
This can inhibit travel, trade, and business, and fuel racist views. 

Meanwhile, startup entrepreneurs in southern Africa create innovative businesses that alleviate
youth unemployment, but they sometimes face opposition from people who do not share their vision. 

We photographed the startup entrepreneurs, creative geniuses, and disruptive technologists in their
environments, and we scratch the surface to learn about the contemporary forms of
entrepreneurship in southern Africa.

As we celebrate the young minds who move nations forward, we raise awareness of the critical impact
entrepreneurs make on societies and economies.”

Expertise and Solution

The Omeho Project required a brand identity through which the brand could communicate
on different visual platforms, including digital and physical media. 

Turipamwe designed a bold, contemporary visual identity keeping photography at the
heart of the work. The work was showcased on social media and experienced
at a physical exhibition event, designed for COVID-19 protocol at the time.


In August 2021, Omeho Project organised its first 1-month long exhibition showcasing
the collection of photographs, held at Café Prestige displaying 21 stunning portraits of Namibian
founders from companies like PayToday, LEFA Namibia, PEBL, and featured forward-thinkers
like Stefanie Garises and Mark Mushiva. The 100-person networking event celebrated
the heroes of the Startup Ecosystem.

The project was sponsored by Bank Windhoek and supported by GIZ StartUp Namibia on behalf
of the German Government. In partnership with Dololo DoBox, and Fresh FM. 

In only three months, it was featured on Namibian media (TV, print, radio) 12 times and
in the Finnish-Africa Society’s digital journal The Oriole. 

Exhibition opening night


Client: Omeho Project, founded by Auri Evokari  

Portrait Photography: Willem Vrey and Opas Onucheyo for Omeho Project

Art Direction: Tanya Stroh

Graphic Design: Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa

Copywriting: Auri Evokari

Event Photography: Elrico Gawanab

Event Location: Café Prestige

Printing of exhibition material: Solitaire Press | Frames for Africa | Launch Namibia | iPrint | Style Graphics