A diverse team of dreamers, thinkers, makers, and doers

Our divergent team all have a background in design.
We regularly collaborate with industry experts to realise projects and amplify impact.

Tanya Stroh

Founder and Creative Lead
Fundi. Leader. Caffeine-dependent life form.

Tanya Stroh is the founder of Turipamwe, a multidisciplinary designer and educator with more than a decade of experience in varying design disciplines. She founded Turipamwe in 2011 as a freelance graphic designer and has since scaled the company from solopreneur to one of Namibia’s foremost design agencies.

Tanya works at the intersection of design, creativity, culture and innovation. At Turipamwe, Tanya is responsible for creative leadership and strategic partnerships.

Dudley Minnie

Communication Designer & Illustrator
Vector specialist. Doodler. K-Pop enthusiast

Dudley Minnie is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. From hand-drawn sketches for custom logos to fully illustrated campaigns for the likes of UNICEF, Goethe-Institut, and B2Gold, Dudley’s had a hand in it. Dudley is passionate about animation, music and is learning Korean. 

Following Turipamwe’s first intake of interns, Dudley joined Turipamwe full-time in 2013 and is the longest-serving team member. His extensive experience has helped us to shape our internship training programme by offering industry–related training and experience.  Dudley holds a Diploma in Visual Arts, specialising in Art for Advertising from the University of Namibia. 

Brice Mihigo

Accountant & Key-Accounts Project Manager
Empathetic Leftbrainer

Brice Mihigo is an accountant and project manager at Turipamwe. He joined in 2015 and has ensured that the finance and administration component complies with those required.
He maintains the day-to-day administration and project management for the creative team, making sure that there’s a clear line of communication and delivery to our clients and collaborators.

Brice has managed international ecosystem projects and suppliers in Namibia, South Africa, and the Ivory Coast.
Brice holds a B-tech in Accounting and Finance from Namibia University of Science and Technology and an advanced diploma in Banking Finance and Credit from the Institute of Bankers Namibia.

Elrico Gawanab

Communication Designer & Art Director
Fruity Looper. Polymath. Photographer

Elrico joined Turipamwe full-time in 2019 following his 2018 internship. He is a multi-skilled designer, digital artist, videographer, motion graphics animator, photographer, and illustrator, describing himself as a “multi-faceted creator with no bounds.”

His diverse experience within the arts and design culture is what informs the way he approaches his work. His work at Turipamwe determines the aesthetic and strategic direction of client projects. Elrico holds an Advanced Diploma in New Media Studies from the College of the Arts, Namibia. 

Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa

Communication Designer & Social Media Manager
Symbolist. Aesthete. Padawan

Jean-Claude is a New Media Design graduate from the College of the Arts Namibia and he joined Turipamwe full-time in 2020 following his internship with the design agency. 

He’s an avid reader and passionate about photography, graphic design, symbolism, and human behaviour. He explores a surreal style of portraiture through photo manipulation to tell a story of dreams and the spiritual realm from his perspective. His work Gentle Alpha has been long-listed by the 2021 Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards. In 2022, Jean-Claude showcased his first solo photographic exhibition “Unseen” at the Namibia Arts Association. 

Jean-Claude manages, coordinates, and produces the content production of Turipamwe social media and marketing department. He also manages special collaboration projects including Equal Namibia, Omeho Project, and Totems.

Donovan Majiedt

Head of Co-Create
Design Thinker. Optimist. Dynamo 

At Turipamwe, Donovan heads the Co-Create department. He is a design thinker and project manager with experience in the world of entrepreneurship incubation support programs and initiatives that add to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Namibia.

He’s experienced in facilitating various workshops, business coaching sessions and full design thinking sprints that support individuals and teams to develop solutions for various business and social challenges. Donovan also has experience in leading teams across two major corporate investment banks in Namibia and cultural institutions, whilst promoting the culture of innovation in those organisations.

Auri Evokari

Design Thinker. Story lover. Growth seeker. 

As a Doctoral Researcher, Consultant, and Coach, Auri researches and designs initiatives that make startups and SMEs thrive in southern Africa. She has five years of work experience in early-stage entrepreneurship support and ecosystem development in Finland and southern Africa, including donor-funded initiatives and innovation programs.

As a coach and technical backstop, Auri has consulted for Turipamwe, advising on lean service creation, design thinking, the process of prototyping and market entry, capacity-building and team coaching.

Past Interns

We practice a culture of peer learning and empowerment through knowledge-sharing. 

Through our design internship programme, we've worked with the best —
some have joined our team full time and all have gone on to do remarkable things.

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