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Tanya Stroh

Founder and Creative Lead
Fundi. Leader. Caffeine-dependent life form.

Tanya Stroh is a multi-award winning designer and educator. She started her career as an agency graphic designer followed by a funded stint as an artist working in Berlin. Tanya returned to Windhoek as a freelance graphic designer and design educator at the University of Namibia. In 2014 Tanya took part in FemTech, an intense business incubation programme for women with tech-based business funded by the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme. Following the program, Tanya scaled Turipamwe from 1 in 2014 to a team of 6 in 2021. Turipmawe has grown to be considered one of Namibia’s foremost design agencies.

Laschandré Coetzee

Design Strategy Lead
Strategic dreamer. Yogi. Curator

Over the past nine years, Laschandré Coetzee has gained excellent skills within the field of communication, strategy and design thinking. In the last three years she has carried out the role of Communication Strategist and Senior Designer at Turipamwe. In previous experience Laschandré held the position of Community Host at Impact Hub Vienna where she had her first taste of entrepreneurship. As a key player in the Austrian start-up ecosystem, Impact Hub exposed her to an array of youth led businesses. And in the community setting of the hub she was able to engage with them on their successes and learnings.

Brice Mihigo

Project Manager & Accountant
Empathetic Leftbrainer

Brice Mihigo is an accountant and project manager at Turipamwe. He joined in 2015 and has ensured that the finance and administration component complies with those required. He maintains the day-to-day administration and project management for the creative team, making sure that there’s a clear line of communication and delivery to our clients and collaborators. Brice has managed international ecosystem projects and suppliers in Namibia, South African, and the Ivory Coast.


Tanya holds a BA Honours in Communication Managements specialising in Creative Brand Communication, Vega and an Advanced National Diploma with distinction in Multimedia Design and Production, CityVarsity.

Tanya is passionate about the creative and cultural industries as a driver of the SDGs and Afrika's socio-economic success. At Turipamwe, Tanya is responsible for the creative leadership, growth, and strategic partnerships of the company and team.

Her work has been seen on the TEDxWindhoek stage and in Baxu and the Giants, Namibias’ first Netflix feature.

She is an International Visitor Leadership Program Fellow and holds a Youth Mobility Pass from the European Commission Erasmus+. She is also a working board member of the Fashion Council of Namibia.


At Turipamwe, Laschandré she has managed and art directed numerous projects in Namibia and internationally, largely focused on sustainable futures. Highlights over this period include; the conceptual development and brand extension of B2Gold’s Responsible Mining Report (2018, 2019 and 2020) for all operating countries of the global mining company, the curation and design Namibia Unique by renowned photographer Hentie Burger, the visual direction and design of the B2Gold Rhino Gold Bar philanthropic initiative and most recently the curation and design of the publication Stein ist Stille - Beyond the Silence, a complete oeuvre of sculptor Dörte Berner.

Laschandré holds a masters in Social Design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The projects developed in the studio setting of the program showed that societal innovation – meaning extraordinary results and unexpected approaches – becomes possible where different forms of knowledge and methods interact. The innovative masters allowed her the space to ideate on new strategies to successfully engage with, and activate public audiences on specific topics, extend her design thinking skills and explore future methods of process design. The most successful project which she developed here was the Blind Photography Project, which to date has travelled to 6 (Austria, Namibia, Venezuela, Germany, Côte d'Ivoire and Kenya) countries and been exhibited in 3 (Austria, Namibia and Kenya), the most recent of which was Nairobi Design Week 2020.

Reflecting on her career Laschandré remains assured that change is extended when effectively communicated and so she continues to align her ambitions to clients, communities and projects which aim to insight positive change.


Brice holds a B-tech in Accounting and Finance from Namibia University of Science and Technology and an advanced diploma in Banking Finance and Credit from the Institute of Bankers Namibia.

You'll get along if you're an Arsenal fan and know two IASs.

Dudley Minnie

Communication Designer & Illustrator
Vector specialist. Doodler. K-Pop enthusiast

Dudley Minnie is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer. From hand drawn sketches for custom logos to fully illustrated campaigns for the likes of UNICEF, Goethe-Institut, and B2Gold, Dudley’s had a hand in it. Following Turipamwe’s first in-take of interns, Dudley joined Turipamwe fulltime in 2013 and is the longest serving team member. His extensive experience has helped us to shape our internship training programme by offering industry–related training and experience.

Elrico Gawanab

Communication Designer & Strategist
Fruity Looper. Polymath. Photographer

Elrico joined Turipamwe full time in 2019 following his 2018 internship. He is a multi-skilled designer, digital artist, videographer, motion graphics animator, photographer, and illustrator. Over the years, he has managed and designed reports and publications for various clients. Highlights here include his role as lead illustrator for Hentie Burger’s, Namibia Unique publication and lead design for the Chamber of Mines Annual Report 2020. Apart from designing, Elrico has recently also taken up the role of videographer and novice motion graphic animator. Describing himself as a “multi-faceted creator with no bounds.”

Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa

Communication Designer &
Image Maker
Symbolist. Aesthete. Padawan

Jean-Claude is a forthcoming New Media Design graduate from the College of the Arts, Namibia. He’s an avid reader and passionate about photography, graphic design, symbolism, and human behaviour. He explores a surreal style of portraiture through photo manipulation to tell a story of dreams and the spiritual realm from his perspective. He also has a great interest in conceptual, boudoir, and architectural photography.


Dudley is passionate about animation, music, and is learning Korean.


As a digital artist, Elrico had his first solo exhibition titled “Living or Non-Living”. This exhibition formed part of the 2017 John Muafangejo month-long programme, hosted by the John Muafangejo Art Centre. In the following year, 3 pieces from that very same exhibition were selected by the National Art Gallery of Namibia as part of their 2018 “Booth” exhibition.

As a designer, Elrico has worked on projects such as the Land Pavilion. A project organised by the Decolonising Space Group. For this project, he was tasked with developing a brand identity and social media campaign. The project ran from 2018-19.

For the movie Baxu and the Giants, Turipamwe entrusted Elrico as the lead designer on the project. Having to execute everything from the movie poster, DVD case, down to the t-shirt mock-up. Who would’ve thought that we would end up on Netflix?

Elrico has an Advanced Diploma in New Media Studies from the College of the Arts, Namibia. His diverse experience within the arts and design culture is what informs the way he approaches his work.

“My colour code is Pantone, that’s why the energy is universal.” – EDG.MIA #NtOurAge


Jean-Claude has collaborated with fashion industry brands including House of Poulton by Melisa Poulton, the Francophone slow fashion brand Sarakule by Sylla Koudieji and ╪Nu/Gôa accessories by Johanna Swartbooi.

He has also worked on artworks for artists like Lioness for her single Superstar and Chikune for her single Omutima, both which show a diversity in his design. His photography has been published by The Namibian newspaper and Yleisradio Oya, Finland's national public broadcasting company. His work Gentle Alpha has recently been long-listed by the 2021 Bank Windhoek Doek Literary Awards.

Jean-Claude joined Turipamwe fulltime in 2020 following his internship with the design agency. His projects include Equal Namibia and the Omeho Project. He works under the guidance of Tanya Stroh, bringing a youthful perspective to projects and the team.

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